As a certified babywearing consultant in Tokyo, I love to help you getting used to your carrier or baby wrap!

I took a special course for online consultation and am happy to help you via Zoom, Skype, Line, or What’s App in these tough times!

Just send me a message and we will talk about the details!

Face to Face Consultation (paused due to Covid-19)

  • Previously talking about your wishes/ problems via phone/messenger
  • 1 to 2-hour meeting
  • I will get back to you asking if you are doing fine 🙂

Online Consultation (open)

  • Previously talking about your wishes/ problems via phone/messenger
  • Sending you links to videos for practice
  • I can send you a test package with carriers or wraps (rental fee included)
  • 40-minute online consultation via Zoom or Skype
  • We will talk again via phone or Zoom call and optimize your babywearing if needed

Prices and Conditions

For Face to Face consultation, I am taking 3500 Yen per hour. For every next 20 minutes I take 1500 Yen. Transportation fee is not included and I take 50 Yen per km.

For Online consultation, I am taking 4000 Yen for 40 minutes, due to the higher workload to provide you with the best possible online service.

You can rent a test package for 300 Yen a day with different carriers or wraps to try.
I will take a deposit of 70% of the purchase price in case the carrier gets damaged.
Please pay the secured shipping.
I guarantee that I check all carriers and wash them before sending them to you.
Have a look at my sling library!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Your babywearing consultant in Tokyo, Anika!

Please use the following contact form to get in touch!