Babywearing consultations are so versatile!

From trying many different carriers before buying to find the most comfortable one until learning advanced wrapping techniques for a babywrap!

A babywearing consultant can help you with adjusting your carrier making it snug and safe for your baby.

We are working together on finding solutions when you feel pain, or I am there, giving security when starting back carrying through my broad knowledge of different back carry techniques.

Not sure yet which is the right carrier for you and your baby? No problem! There are over 60 carriers and slings in my collection. After hearing your wishes, I will pre-select and bring a smaller collection for you to try!

Does this resonate with you?

Then book your consultation with me!


Face to Face Consultation

  • We will previously talking about your wishes/ problems via phone/messenger
  • 1.5 ~ hour consultation at your home
  • Later, I will send a summery of what we have talked about
  • I will get back to you asking if you are doing fine 🙂

Online Consultation

  • We will previously talking about your wishes/ problems via phone/messenger
  • I will send you links to videos for practice if needed
  • I can send you a test package with carriers or wraps (rental fee included) if you want to try different ones
  • 2×40-minute online consultation via Zoom, Skype, or similar
  • We will talk again via phone or Zoom call and optimize your babywearing if needed (max. 10min. Splitting both 40min consultation to before/after is possible too)

    Carrier Check

  • From time to time I will hold short carrier checks (10-15min per person) throughout Tokyo.
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Prices and Conditions

Face to Face:

¥7500 for 1.5 hours. Overtime is ¥1000/20min. For less than 1.5 hours I am giving a discount of ¥500.(Transportation for home visit included.)


¥5000 per 80min (shipping fees for test package not included).

Carrier Check:

¥500 per person

For online consultations I am sending a test package if wished. Included are different carriers or wraps to try, and, if you need, a demonstration doll.

Please pay the secured shipping.
I guarantee that I check all carriers and wash them before sending them to you.

After the consultation you have the chance to keep up to two carriers for one week for free for additional testing. (You have to pay for shipping them back to me and if a carrier gets damaged, you have to pay for the replacement.)

Hello Baby! Package

Recently, I launched the Hello Baby! Package.
The package contains a consultation, a stretchy wrap from cocoo・me, and a baby carrier.
To learn more about the Hello Baby! Package, please click here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Your babywearing consultant in Tokyo, Anika!

Please use the following contact form to get in touch!

    Brands available for testing

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    You can find the whole inventory here.

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