Hello Baby! Package

Hello Baby! Package


You would like to try several baby carriers in a consultation before deciding and buying one?
But you would also like to have a carrier immediately from after the consultation?

Then this all-in-one set might be for you 😊

Inside the package

Many baby carriers are not fitting well from right after birth.
The Hello Baby! package includes a stretchy wrap, perfect and snugly for a newborn baby and comfortable for moms and dads.

During the consultation you will learn how to put on the stretchy wrap and carry you baby close – making the transition from the womb to the outside world easier for it!

We will also try different carriers from my collection to find the best fitting and most comfortable one for you!

Depending on if I have the carrier you liked in stock, you will receive your model right after our consultation (within 1-3 days). If you liked a carrier I don’t have in my shop or like a different colorway, I will order it especially for you.
Until you carrier arrives, you have the possibility to rent my model. The rental is free for two weeks. For every additional week I am taking 100¥ per day.

The stretchy wrap will be from the Austrian brand cocoo•me. While common and cheap wraps already give up after a few months because they become uncomfortable with heavier babies, the cocoo・me sling is still working for carrying toddlers! 
I have tested it with my four-years-old and it still worked well, however, probably it‘s only really comfortable up to 2 years or 2.5 years.

You are saving approximately 6000¥ when using my Happy Baby Set!

Please select below which colorway of the stretchy wrap you would like to have.

After you made the purchase, I will write an Email with further information and to talk about the process.

Please note:

* If the carrier you choose is more than 21000 Yen, I will charge the difference and postage fee extra. (For example when opting for an Ergobaby or a high-class design from LennyLamb or Kokadi).

* In case I am ordering the carrier for you, I will use drop shipping service. This means I will give your address to the maker who will send the carrier directly to you.
In case custom fees apply, you will have to pay at delivery or afterwards by yourself (depending on delivery company).

* If ordering from Hoppediz, Lennylamb, or another brand with high shipping fees, I will need to ask for an extra postage fee of 4000 Yen.

* The differences in amount are to be paid (or refunded) on the day of the consultation.
In case you don’t like any of the carriers or want to buy one by yourself, you only need to pay for the consultation and the stretchy wrap. The whole amount will be 22000 Yen. (You will still save around 3000 Yen).

* In case you don’t need the stretchy wrap but would like to benefit from the consultation/ carrier combination (with an optional rental of the stretchy wrap), drop me a message and I will arrange something for a good price!

* When renting a carrier from me for using right after the consultation, you are responsible for sending it back to me in time and paying the postal fees. In case the carrier gets damaged, you will have to pay for a replacement.

* In person consultations are available in Tokyo’s 23 wards, on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line until Tokorozawa, and on the Tobu Tojo Line until Kita-Asaka.
If you aren’t sure if I cover your area, drop me a message 🙂
I am covering all of Japan via Online consultation!

* In case of high Covid numbers I will ask you for accepting an online consultation. For the consultation I will send a test package with your stretchy wrap and a selection of baby carriers.

What you get:

⭐︎ A professional babywearing consultation including safety rules, how to hold your baby, how to put on a stretchy wrap, introduction to baby carriers including finding a fitting one for you. (Approx. 2 hours)
⭐︎ Free Baby carrier rental
⭐︎ 1x Cocoo・me baby sling
⭐︎ 1x Baby carrier shipped directly to your place
⭐︎ Free aftercare (online support in adjusting your carrier, checking if everything is well adjusted and your baby is sitting well in the carrier, answering simple questions)

Where you save:

⭐︎ Time looking up different baby carriers online or in a shop
⭐︎ Buying several carrier types until you find one that feels right and fits your baby well
⭐︎ Frustration about a difficult to put on carrier or a hurting carrier

Buying the package over buying the single items
⭐︎ – reduced prices for the consultation and slings

7500 Yen for 1.5 hours
1000 Yen for the next 20 minutes
8500 Yen

16500 Yen for the stretchy wrap
20000 Yen for the baby carrier
880 Yen Flatrate shipping

Total: 45880 Yen

You are saving: 6000 Yen + a lot of work, time, and frustration!


Cocoo・me Sling

♡ Very easy to tie: the cocoo•me® Sling can be pre-tied without baby. You only have to pop baby in afterwards. Your newborn or impatient baby will love this!
cocoo•me® recommends the pre-tied Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). After a few tries you will be able to wrap your baby in a few minutes.

♡ Perfect fit: The cocoo•me® Sling is elastic in the transverse and longitudinal direction and snuggles around the body of your baby perfectly. It is made of very soft organic cotton knit and very easy to tie.

♡ Tested from birth up until 15kg (33lbs): During the development process we put great emphasis on a long possible usage of the cocoo•me® Sling. Even a heavy baby feels almost lightweight in this stretchy wrap!

The cocoo•me® Sling is a stretchy wrap in premium quality. It is perfect for babies from birth.

It is snuggly soft, easy to tie and like a second skin on you and your baby.

For a fast wrapping job you can pre-tie it. Using this technique the sling becomes a hop on – hop off carrier.

The cocoo•me® Sling is perfect for parents who wish an easy and comfortable wrap to carry their baby!

♡ Easy to use – easy to tie
♡ Perfect fit – like a second skin
♡ Excellent materials – organic cotton (kbA-controlled organic cultivation), GOTS certified
♡ High quality – handmade in Europe
♡ Competently tested – recommended by babywearing schools and midwifes

Carriers that can be tested during a consultation:
(Carriers with* available in my shop, others need to be ordered from overseas)

Limas Flex*
Fidella Fusion
Kokadi Flip (for newborn)
Hoppediz Primeo (for newborn)*
Sun & Beach (for newborn)
Didymos DidySnap
Ergobaby Embrace (I recommend forward facing only after a detailed introduction) (for newborn)
Ergobaby Adapt
Ergobaby Omni 360 (I recommend forward facing only after a detailed introduction)
Ergobaby Omni Breeze (I recommend forward facing only after a detailed introduction)
Boba X
Lennylamb Upgrade

Limas Baby* (for newborn)
Limas Plus*
Fidella Flowclick
Didymos DidyClick
Hoppediz Hop-Tye Buckle
Hoppediz Hop-Tye Advance
Hoppediz Bondolino *
Hoppediz Nabaca Modular Carrier (for newborn)
Mamo Modular Carrier (for newborn) *

Meh Dai
Hoppediz Hop-Tye

Baby Wrap (woven, not stretchy)
Baby wraps from Didymos, Lennylamb*, Limas*, and Hoppediz* are available too if you wish for one!


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