I amBabywearing instructor Anika Anika and I gave birth to my son in 2016 in Tokyo.

With a baby wrap and an Ergobaby carrier I thought I was well prepared for our time together.

But then it happened that my son had different expectations for life than I..

He wanted to be with me all around the clock and I had to carry him even inside the apartment all the time if I didn’t want to let him scream. I had great problems to put on the wrap and he was still too young for the Ergo.

A long odyssey began where I was on the hunt for a good alternative.

My journey topped in becoming a certified babywearing instructor in Tokyo and in creating this website.

I hope that I will be able to help many parents in Tokyo who struggle as I did.

My mission:

When starting with babywearing, I had big problems in following the baby wrap instructions in the YouTube videos I watched. Too heavy was the fear to do something wrong. Now, as a professional babywearing consultant I want to take away this fear away from parents like me.

When I am out of the house, there is not one day where I don’t see people wearing their babies in a not optimal fitting, or suboptimal adjusted baby carrier. This can result in a sore neck and pain in the back and uncomfortably for the baby.
I can help to fit the carrier optimal to your body and baby.

Sometimes, the baby carriers available in the shops in Japan don’t fit the person who is carrying the baby. I have a good collection of different carriers and help to find the comfiest one and to purchase it if it is a foreign brand. As a babywearing consultant I can even buy most carriers officially to a reduced price and can forward this discount partly or fully to you!

If you want to try a baby carrier for a longer time before you buy, this is also possible! For everyone doing a consultation with me I offer a free rental of the desired carrier for one week.
I am also renting carriers to everyone through my sling library.

When you aren’t sure if you need a consultation but would like to know more about babywearing basics like safety rules, if carrying your baby can damage your back, if the upright position of your baby in a carrier is fine, or would like to inform yourself about all the different carrier types out there, I have summed everything up in my Babywearing Online Course which you can read through at your own pace whenever and wherever you like!

My Philosophy

Whatever feels natural for you and your baby is fine!

I am helping you to find this feeling.


Basic Babywearing at Die Trageberater Akademie Babywearing Instructor

Further education:

Babywearing Online Consulting by Die Trageberater Akademie
Babycarrier norms and values by Clauwi Austria
Calm and relaxed in everyday family life by Clauwi Austria
Soon: Kangaroo carry in three different ways by Die Trageberater Akademie

I am a member of the Japan Babywearing Association


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