The Babywearing Basics

Here I want to tell you a little bit more about the babywearing basics and some rules.
Don’t worry, there aren’t many of them, you can break them down to 4 basic rules!

  • Free breath
  • Well supported back
  • Spread posture
  • Squad posture

IfBabywearing Basics these four basic rules are fulfilled, the baby is safely positioned in the carrier.
Further, these four rules help you finding no-gos when it comes to positioning and the selection of a carrier.
For example, you should always use a carrier that fits the size of your baby and you should never carry your baby facing outwards (except in very special situations).

Free breath:

Is it possible that CO2 accumulates under a piece of fabric or a strap of the carrier? Always control if the chin of your baby isn’t resting on its chest because this can hinder free breathing!

Supported back:

If the fabric in the back is loose, your baby can slump and it can get problems with breathing.

Spread posture:

The fabric at the bottom between the legs of the baby should go from knee to knee to get it into the right spread position.
It should never go further than the knee but it can end before when the child grows bigger.

Squad posture:

This is the natural position of a small baby. Keeping it in a carrier helps the hips mature in a natural way and the risk of hip dysplasia may be reduced.

I am helping you with adjusting your carrier and positioning your baby and I can also help to find the best carrier for you. Further, I can help with minor problems, for example when you feel pain when carrying your baby.

Baby Wraps

Of course, I can also help you with baby wraps!
The length of the wrap you need is calculated of which carry style you want to use, your height, and your clothing size.

Baby wrap sizes:
Size 1 – 220cm – 87 inches
Size 2 – 270cm – 102 inches
Size 3 – 320cm – 126 inches
Size 4 – 370cm – 142 inches
Size 5 – 420cm – 165 inches
Size 6 – 470cm – 182 inches
Size 7 – 520cm – 205 inches
Size 8 – 570cm – 221 inches
Size 9 – 620cm – 244 inches

With a wrap size 6, a woman with clothing size 42 (US 11) will be able to tie all common styles. Larger men usually need one size up.
Women with size 34/36 (US 4/6) can use one size smaller.