All of the listed carriers and wraps are available for renting and testing 🙂

I am still working on filling the sling library. Check regularly if I have something new 🙂

How does a Sling Library function?

If you want to try a special carrier to see if it fits you before buying,  if you need a fancy carrier for a special occasion, or a sling for traveling, you can use this library!
You can rent each carrier from one week onwards against a small fee or meet me in a local park on a sunny day to try a carrier once!


Rental for one week is 2100 Yen (300 Yen a day). For longer rents I am giving discounts. Just check with me 🙂
Upon rental I am taking a deposit of 70% of the purchase price which will be returned when the carriers arrive at my place in best condition.
During Covid times I prefer to ship the carriers instead of meeting in person, in this case renter has to cover the shipping fee too.
Please get in touch for all the details! 


Tokyo Sling Library Limas Flex Tokyo Sling Library Kokadi Flip Tokyo Sling Library Ergo360 Tokyo Sling Library Aprica Colan Tokyo Sling Library Ergobaby Omni 360 Tokyo Sling Library Ergobaby Embrace                      














Tokyo Sling Library Limas Plus        







Tokyo Sling Library Ring Sling Hoppediz          








Woven Wrap

Tokyo Sling Library Woven Wrap Hoppediz Tokyo Sling Library Woven Wrap Hokkyoku Shirokumado          








Elastic Wrap/Sling
  Tokyo Sling Library Elastic Wrap Hoppediz Tokyo Sling Library Moby Wrap Tokyo Sling Library Elastic Sling PikimamaTokyo Sling Library Konny Elastic Sling          














Onbu Himo

Tokyo Sling Library LennyLamb Onbu






Currently Rented

Babywrap Hoppediz Marrakesch         


If you want to rent one or more carriers, please get in touch!