How does a Sling Library (baby carrier rental) function?

If you want to try a special carrier to see if it fits you before buying,  if you need a fancy carrier for a special occasion, or a sling for traveling, you can use this library!
You can rent each carrier from one week onwards.


Short Term Rental

Short term rental is 300 Yen a day. 
This is meant for people who want to try a carrier for a few days at home or for rent a carrier for holidays.
For special woven wraps I will take a higher rate of 500 Yen a day.

Long Term Rental

Long Term rental is 4000 Yen a month.
This system is for people who want to have an option until the own carrier is fitting. For example when the fullbuckle carrier is too big for the newborn.
Carriers available for long time rental are marked with *

How it works

Upon rental I am requesting a signed contract. Part of the contract is a paragraph which includes that in case of damage or not removable stains, you have to pay for a replacement.

Carriers can either be sent via postal service (renter has to pay shipping fees) or can be picked up at my place.


If you want to rent one or more carriers, please get in touch! (contact form below)


Search my Library by Brand

Click on the carrier name to see a pop-up with details.

Search my Library by Carrier style

Click on the Carrier name to see a pop-up with details.


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