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Tokyo Babywearing

Why Babywearing?

In today‘s society, the common way to transport your child is through the stroller.
However, the stroller wasn‘t even invented before the 19th century! Before that, people carried their children in baskets or in a sling.

Carrying your baby is a natural way to transport it and if YOU feel comfortable with it and want to do it, then.. DO it 🙂

Babywearing indeed has some advantages.

It is a natural way to bond with the baby. You will see signs of hunger or tiredness long before you would realize when it lies in a stroller. When responding immediately to these signs, a baby does not even start to cry.
Usually, babies, which are carried, cry less!

When close to the caregiver’s body, the baby can smell the body, hears the heart-pounding, and has to train its balance from the beginning.
All the senses of the baby are stimulated while in the carry!

Being in safe surroundings close to a person the baby trusts, it can experience the same things as the caregiver, taking in various scenes and sounds while being able to turn away anytime when it gets too much.
It feels the ultimate security and grows a deep trust.

When carried in the favored „M“ position, the hips can ripen in the best position.
There is less danger of hip dysplasia!

Don’t let people get into your way by telling you that carrying your baby can damage your back or that you can’t carry your baby because of cesarean scars or hernia! Usually, there are ways how you can still carry your baby if you want!

Babywearing is a wonderful thing and a precious time for the caregiver and the baby. I would love to encourage you to try it

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