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Diva Milano The One Review

Testing the Diva Milano Baby Carrier

Some weeks ago I had the chance to test the Diva Milano The One! baby carrier which was rented to me by Kounotori Babywearing.


Diva Milano is an Italian/Russian brand using beautifully designed woven fabrics for their carriers.
Their fullbuckle carrier is made for newborns and toddlers alike which is achieved through a stepless adjustable seat and shortening of the backpanel via straps.

The waisbelt is very broad and ergonomic, making it perfekt to deriving the weight of older kids towards the hips.
The seat can be adjusted with velcro directly on the waisbelt. Two elastic straps are helping to keep the carrier in place when rolled up while not in use. This roll can also function as a simple hip seat for older kids.

There are not many more adjustments to make except for potentially shortening the backpanel when using with a newborn.

What is special with the Diva Milano is the way how to fasten the shoulderstraps. They can be fastened in either direction – pulling to the back or to the front – having a long strap and a short strap. This is helpful when also carrying on the back.

My experience

My experience by testing with a baby demonstration doll was that I had to adjust my way of babywearing to the carrier.

I had to consult the manual beforehand because I didn’t know the purpose of the elastic straps on the waistbelt right away. However, the rest was easy to understand when knowing the mechanics of European baby carrier brands. All the steps to adjust the carrier are also well explained in the manual.

The ergonomic waistbelt is meant to be sitting on the hips and here it is really comfortable, deriving the weight of the child very well (I also tried with a 17kg child).
When putting higher under the breast – my way of carrying small babies -, however, it becomes difficult to fasten the belt due to the ergonomic shape.

The shoulderstraps are well padded and very comfortable on the shoulders.

They are attached to the backpanel, not the waistbelt, which is very comfortable when carrying heavier children. When the baby is still small, the point where they are attached lies very low, almost on height of the bottom, and will not pull on the back of the baby, allowing a naturally curved back.

The neck support for the baby is very easy to fasten with a buckle, no tying or clamping needed.

What I missed and know from other brands is a possibility to narrow the backpanel in the area of the neck but it isn‘t really necessary in this case.

For whom is this carrier?

– For parents looking for a design in South-European style.
– For parents searching for a carrier that is supporting a baby very well from early age until toddlerhood.
– For parents looking for a carrier that is fully adjustable.
– For parents looking for a carrier with well padded shoulderstraps and a broad waistbelt.

Where to find this carrier?

You can find the Diva Milano Carrier in the Webshop of Kounotori Babywearing (
If you would like to try before buying, Krisztina is also having a rental service where you can order the Diva Milano for some time to test it!

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