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Testing the Cocoome Sling

Testing the Cocoome Stretchy Wrap Baby Sling

Cocoome is an Austrian brand specialized in stretchy materials and the easy clip-in coat extension for pregnancy and later.

Today, though, I don’t want to talk about the Clip-In, Mamaband, or the Cocoon-Swaddlebag, today I want to talk about the Cocoome stretchy wrap, the Cocoome Sling!

Pricing and Quality

Let‘s check the prize first, because it comes quite expensive compared to other stretchy wraps like the Boba wrap. The original price is 109 Euro. In Japan, one sling costs 16.500 Yen. So why is a simple stretchy wrap this expensive when the Boba costs less than half that price?

Cocoome is a small brand which is valuing sustainability and organic materials very high.

All wraps are made with highest quality and safety standards. The cotton used is 100% organic and even GOTS certificated (  GOTS does not only stand for organic materials and safety tests, it also monitors the working conditions at all steps of the manufacturing process. The wrap is handmade in Europe.

Why is Cocoome stretchy wrap so popular?

But this is not all what makes the Cocoome Stretchy wrap one of the most favorite wraps among professionals in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

The Cocoome Sling has a width of 0.5 m and a length of 5 m. It is not too narrow which would make it only to use for newborns and smaller babies, and not too wide to have too much fabric when using with a newborn. The standard woven wrap width is 0.6 – 0.7 m.

Many cheaper wraps are so-called 2-way wraps while Cocoome is a 1.5-way wrap.
(You can learn everything about stretchy wraps and the basic wrapping techniques in my online course „Mastering the Stretchy Wrap“.)

One way stretchy wrap

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The standard technique for a 1-way wrap

A 2-way wrap is easy to tie and good for beginners. However, your baby might soon feel too heavy when growing a lot and you might not use your stretchy anymore. The 1.5-way stretchy wrap balances the easiness to tie and the support for heavier babies. Cocoome is very good in this. You can use the pre-tied carry (Pocket Wrap Cross Carry) but also advanced techniques and even carry your toddler on your back in it – with the right knowledge and skills.

Cocoome’s High Quality

While many cheaper stretchy wraps wear out after some time and won‘t support your baby well anymore, Cocoome will stay stretchy even after your first. That‘s also why I don‘t recommend buying used stretchy wraps and options (including Konny) without testing them before or knowing how extensively they were used.

The high quality and versatility of the Cocoome Sling makes it really worth the price.

Is a Stretchy Wrap for you?

In case you like stretchy wraps from the beginning, yes!

Of course, it doesn‘t make sense to buy an expensive stretchy wrap if you just don‘t like using this long piece of fabric. Or if you plan to only use it for the first months.

There are really many advantages of stretchy wraps. However, I would recommend to try it once with someone you trust who knows how to do it right to see if it is for you or not.

My Opinion

And what do I think of the Cocoome wrap? Yes, I like it too! And also my Boba wrap (the normal one, I haven‘t tried the tencel/bamboo wrap). The Boba is completely different and I like it a lot for small babies. However, the Cocoome really supports a bigger baby better and s/he won‘t feel so heavy. If I knew that I want to use the stretchy wrap for longer (not only until a too big carrier fits) for example as a snugly option at home, I would definitely opt for a sturdier wrap like the Cocoome!

The Cocoome Stretchy Wrap is available in Japan via my webshop.

If you want to learn how to properly use your stretchy wrap. Check out my online course „Mastering the Stretchy Wrap“.


Color in Stock: soley (yellow), rosalie (rosé), azuro (aqua), ivory.
Color order on demand: all above + levi (olive), finn (petrol), jule (berry), tamme (anthracite), diara (grey-white), lovis (pink-blue), mika (grey-white), elia (black-grey), jona (blue), LOTUS olive, LOTUS yellow, LOTUS blue, LOTUS berry, LOTUS rose, LOTUS brown
Material: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane, GOTS certified, knitted, 290g/m2
Included Accessory (order on demand only): Neck support (filled with 100% wool), tie with button.
Weight: 680g
Washable at: 30°C

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