Testimonial detail

Renting some carriers before buying really helped me!

**Disclaimer: These are my opinions. Keep in mind each body, mind, experience is different.**

I currently have a 11 month old, 8.6 kg wiggly son and we are using the Ergo Performance when going out only. I do not baby wear in the house. I consulted Anika awhile back because I was experiencing some back pain and discomfort. I am sure I was wearing incorrectly. I am always in need mama advice, but who isn’t. I am so happy to be here and listen to her expertise!

I tried the Limas Flex and the Fidella Fusion, both full buckle versions. They both were much better than my Ergo and it seemed my son enjoyed them better as well. For some reason, I felt the Limas Flex was slightly better. Not sure exactly why, maybe Anika can tell me! ha! I love how they both were super easy to put on and take off.

My son felt supported in both of them as well. The fabrics were nice and cleaning them looks like they wouldn’t be a problem. Anika made shipping very easy and I only had to pay shipping to return!

I would highly recommend Anika and Moin Moin Baby – Tokyo Babywearing to all mamas. This is a good way to find a good fit for you without breaking the bank, buying an expensive carrier because it is the “trend” and finding it is not for you. Plus I did not even know you can try on carriers before buying them, but this idea is genius!

Each mama and baby are unique and Anika is an expert in this field. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your testing circle! Feel free to PM or comment if you have any questions.


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