Mastering the Stretchy Wrap Online Course

Mastering the Stretchy Wrap Online Course


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Hello and welcome to my course „Mastering the Stretchy Wrap“!

I am happy to have you here, interested in how to properly use a stretchy wrap and what is possible with it.
Later, after you worked yourself through all lessons, we will meet for a live session to see how good you already mastered the stretchy wrap, to answer your questions if you have any, or to see if we can still improve your carry in the stretchy wrap.

If you are worrying if you can learn how to master the stretchy wrap online (I am sure you already tried to follow YouTube tutorials), let me tell you that this course is different. I am going much more into detail! I am explaining every step during the video tutorials, showing different ways of how to do a carry, and having a detailed picture guide additionally to the video tutorials. During the course, you can always reach out to me if you have questions, and during the live session, we will work on what you have already achieved. I am trained in doing live consultations and we will get you to a good result. Promise!

Phew.. long sentence! Let‘s start, to make it short 🙂

If you enroll to the course I might add you manually. This will take some hours depending on how busy I am. Don’t worry if you can’t access the course immediately.

Ps. If you still don’t have a stretchy wrap but would like to take the course to see if the wrap is for you, you can receive a rental package (if living in Japan) for free for a week. You only have to cover the postal fees. Please reach out to me in case you need the package!


    • Introduction

      What You Should Know Before Starting Wrapping.


      • What kind of sling do I own?
      • Babywearing Safety
      • How to pick up and hold a newborn
      • What is the Stretchy Wrap?
      • Different kinds of Stretchy Wraps
      • Legs in or legs out?
    • How To Wrap

      Different Ways Of How To Use The Stretchy Wrap (Beginner Level).


      • Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (Pre-tied)
      • Classical Front Wrap Cross Carry
      • Stretchy Kangaroo
      • Is this all?
      • What if your baby starts crying during wrapping?
    • More To Know


      • Where to get Stretchy Wraps
      • An excursion to easy stretchy options (Konny, Pikimama, etc.)
      • Request your online meeting
      • The Moin Moin Baby Community

Please visit my courses website to book this course!


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