MaMo Modular Carrier Basic Set Natural Grey

MaMo Modular Carrier Basic Set Natural Grey


Build your own baby carrier

Read at the bottom what makes the MaMo special!

Basic Set

This set includes:

  • 1 waist belt (black)
  • 1 back panel set size 1 and 2 (newborn size 50-62, baby size 62-74) (stone grey)
  • 1 head rest (natural)
  • 1 pair of shoulder straps (black)
  • 1 pair of drool pads (natural)
  • 1 chest belt
  • 1 bag

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MaMo Baby Carrier

The MaMo carrier is based on the well established “half buckle” principle. To use the carrier, you just close one buckle at the waist belt and tie the shoulder straps.

However, the special thing about the MaMo is the modular approach: the seat for your baby (panel) comes in different sizes. You only change the panel as your baby grows – 3 sizes are needed for a typical period from birth to about 1-1,5 years. What makes the idea of panel sizes awesome? Almost no adjustments are needed to make the carrier fit your baby – great for new parents and babywearing beginners!
You may create your individual combination from the single parts or choose a MaMo model.

The MaMo carrier can be used for front, hip and back carry.

Key features

  • modular half buckle system
  • all components can be combined
  • 4 panel sizes, 3 of them are usually needed by most parents
  • wrap style or padded shoulder straps
  • more options to come (e.g. preemie panel planned)

Advantages of the modular system

  • easy to handle for parents (panel size according to baby’s size)
  • almost no adjustments (fine adjustment of seat is possible)
  • “build-in” spread squat position (“M-position”), panels shaped according to baby’s level of development
  • buy what you need, low start price
  • thousand design combinations
  • twin carry option, preemie option to come


Plain colored components are made of ramie, a sustainable natural fiber, similar to linen or hemp. Gives thermal comfort (see

Fair production

The MaMo is manufactured in Vietnam by our partner company. You can get an insight into this partnership and even contact team members here:

Carrying twins

Two size 1 panels can be attached to the front sides of the waist belt to carry two small babies. The outer shoulder straps can be either used like the normal half buckle style, or lead under the caregiver’s arms towards the back. With just one additional waist belt, you get two complete carriers.

The carrier grows with your baby

A carrier that is meant to be used when your baby is one year old may not work evenly well for your newborn with a size 50. Still, most carriers are one-size systems that have to be adjusted to fit a small baby. Though there is just too much fabric for your little one at the beginning. Adjustments often can be handled by new parents. Changing a panel is easier.

Affordable price

All parts can be ordered seperately, as needed. You may start with 1 size and get more later.

Build you own carrier

Choose from a thousand combinations or get inspired by our MaMo models.

Carry your toddler

The size 4 panel is for toddler size 86 to 104 and makes the MaMo carrier versatile and sustainable.

Bilingual Introduction Video


Back panel バックパネル

Size 1 (50-62), Size 2 (62-74)
サイズ1(50-62), サイズ2(62-74)

Color 色

Stone Grey / Natural

Material 素材

Back panel: 70% ramie 30% cotton
Head rest: 70% ramie 30% cotton
Droop pad: 70% ramie 30% cotton
Waist belt, padded shoulder straps: 35% cotton 65% polyester
バックパネル、ヘッドレスト、よだれパッド:70% ラミー 30% 綿
腰ベルト、肩ストラップ: 65% ポリエステル 35% 綿

Care 手入れ方法

Washable up to 30° C, don't use optical brighteners.
When exposed to direct sun for a long period of time, the parts will change their colors.

洗濯機 30°Cまで、オシャレ着用洗剤、ドリップドライ

Head rest ヘッドレスト

Ramie natural ラミー ナチュラル

Drool pads よだれパッド

Ramie natural ラミー ナチュラル


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