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Babywearing Introduction Course (Updated 2021/9/2)

This course will tell you all the basics about safe babywearing in five chapters.
In additional eight chapters you will learn more about the different baby carrier types with their advantages and disadvantages.

The course comes in text-form (online) with some explaining videos for better understanding.

It is aiming to help first parents already during pregnancy to navigate the babywearing jungle.

There is no need to attend live-sessions, you can do everything at your own pace. If questions occur, I am always available via Email or chat (Facebook).

After buying the course you will be redirected to this page. Please click again on the button below or go to this page.

What this course includes:

  • Benefits of Babywearing
  • Babywearing Safety
  • Can babywearing harm me or my baby? Are there any restrictions?
  • Baby carrier overview

Detailed information on:

  • Fullbuckle carrier
  • Halfbuckle carrier
  • Meh Dai
  • Onbuhimo
  • Stretchy & Easy options
  • Baby (Woven) Wraps
  • Stretchy Wraps
  • Ringslings
  • How and where to find the right carrier
  • Access to the Moin Moin Baby Babywearing Community
  • Discount Code for Moin Moin Baby’s other services
  • Many pictures and illustrations of babywearing and baby carriers.

The whole course is designed for happening online without any live sessions. Do everything in your own pace wherever you are!

For testing different carriers or learning how to adjust yours and putting it on I recommend a classic consultation!

❗️This course will not tell you which specific carrier to buy or how to put it on.

I am waiting for you😊

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