Hoppediz Hop-Tye Conversion Timbuktu 抱っこ紐

Hoppediz Hop-Tye Conversion Timbuktu 抱っこ紐


Hoppediz Hop-Tye Timbuktu is a baby carrier made for use without infant insert! It is made of baby wrap fabric which supports the position of the baby perfectly. The Hop-Tye Conversion is a perfect fit for the whole family. Hip belt and shoulder straps adjust to every size because they are individually tied. The Hop-Tye Buckle comes with a hip belt which is closed with a buckle. The shoulder straps are individually tied.

Hoppediz is a baby carrier and sling manufacturer from Germany and is working closely together with professionals like babywearing consultants and midwives.

Their fabrics are constantly tested for harmful substances and pollution and they regularly check the working conditions in the weaving factories.
All dyes are high-quality, harmless and heavy-metal-free.
Every baby wrap is checked on a lighttable before going on sale to guarantee a very high quality.

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You love specials? Then show this love with a HOP-TYE® Conversion!

  • Special safety: the hip belt is closed with a safety buckle (Hop-Tye Buckle).
  • Special support: the hood supports your baby’s neck when rolled or gathered.
  • Special support: sides that can be gathered build an even more beautiful pouch with the face fabric.
  • Special comfort: the padding of the waist belt has been reduced by 10 cm for easier knotting. You can make the knot comfortably on the bib, for instance. (Hop-Tye Conversion)
  • Special innovation: the tunnel variant prevents that the drawstring slips through the stopper when under tension and disappears in the tunnel.
  • Special straps: even on the backside of the straps you would find a loop for the hood if you like to skip the straps.
  • Special anatomy: Diagonally fixed drawstrings make it possible to shorten the back panel for a perfect spread-squat position.
  • Detailed and illustrated tying instructions (available in German, English, and French) are attached.

ドイツから直接注文。 発送には最大4週間かかります!


Conversion, Buckle + 1000 Yen

Weight range

2,5 – 20kg (5.5 – 44lbs)

Hip Circumfence

65cm – 160cm (26 – 63inch)


Farbic of the HOPPEDIZ® baby slings
100% Cotton, tested for harmful substances


Washable up to 40° C


cross twill


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