Moin Moin Baby Carrier Inventory

Carriers marked with * are available for long-term rental.

Limas Flex
Fidella Fusion
Kokadi Flip
Hoppediz Primeo (for newborn)
Didymos DidySnap
Sun & Beach (for newborn)
Ergobaby Embrace (I don‘t recommend forward facing)
Ergobaby Adapt*
Ergobaby 360*
Ergobaby Omni 360 (I don‘t recommend forward facing)
Ergobaby Omni Breeze (I don‘t recommend forward facing)
Boba X* (not recommended for newborns)
Isara Toddler*
Lennylamb Preschooler
Lennylamb Upgrade
Babybjorn One Kai (not recommended)

Limas Baby (for newborn)
Limas Plus
Fidella Flowclick
Didymos DidyKlick
Hoppediz Hop-Tye Buckle
Hoppediz Hop-Tye Advance
Hoppediz Bondolino
Hoppediz Nabaca Modular Carrier*
Mamo Modular Carrier (for newborn)*

Meh Dai
Hoppediz Hop-Tye
The nest Meh Dai Toddler

Limas Flex
Lennylamb Onbuhimo

Stretchy and other Options
Pigeon Caboo*
Konny S (recommended with reservations)
Konny M (recommended with reservations)
Konny Flex
Pikimama S,M,L (recommended with reservations)
Baby K’tan S*
Minimonkey Minisling
Cocoo・me Ringsling

Woven Wraps
Hoppediz Marrakesch Size 6 (Cotton)
The nest Honeycomb Rainbow Size 6 (Cotton)
Didymos Sizing Wrap Size 7 (Cotton)
Didymos Lisa Size 7 (Cotton)
Didymos Lisca Autumn Rose Size 6 (Cotton)
Didymos Houndstooth Size 5 (Cotton)
Didymos Ginkgo Size 5 (Cotton, Linen)
Tekhni Kouneli (Totoro) Size 5 (Cotton)
Lennylamb Wild Soul Size 4 (Cotton, Cashmere, Silk)
Yaro Size 3 (Tencel, Cotton)
Roar Size 2 (Cotton)
Safrika Baby Wrap
Hokkyoku Shirokumado Heko obi

Stretchy Wraps
Cocoome (Finn, Rose, Aqua, Ivory)
Didymos Hybrid Copper
The nest
Hoppediz Stars

Limas Hope
Didymos Kaleidoskop
Luluna Slings – Moonlight
Hoppediz Jaipur Creme
Maya Wraps*
Cocoome Stretchy Ringsling


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