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To buy a baby carrier without trying it on Is like buying a bra on spec

Why to try different baby carriers before buying

How people buy baby carriers In my country, it is common to have baby-starter-lists and buy what is recommended there. Who is writing these lists, I do not know. But what I have often read so far is, that many parents bought unnecessary things by following these lists. One item that is never missing is …

Cradle Carry Position Title

Cradle Carry – Why we usually don‘t recommend it

When looking up positions for a newborn in a sling, we often see the cradle carry as an example. Today I would like to talk about why babywearing consultants usually don‘t recommend the cradle carry and favor the upright position which is also possible in a ringsling. Free breath One of the babywearing basics is …

Babywearing Consultant

Why do I need a Babywearing Consultant?

Why should I wear my baby? Why do I need a baby wearing consultant?
To some people, using slings and carriers comes naturally, for others it is not this easy.
A babywearing consultant can help you when you feel pain, with finding the right carrier, and all the small and bigger problems.

Interview with a lactation coach

I am happy for having the opportunity to interview a lactation consultant in Tokyo and share it here with you. Hi Jocelyn, thank you for having me! You have a 2-year-old son and soon you will give birth to twins. When and why did you decide to become a lactation coach? I decided to become …

Tokyo Babywearing

Why Babywearing?

In today‘s society, the common way to transport your child is through the stroller.However, the stroller wasn‘t even invented before the 19th century! Before that, people carried their children in baskets or in a sling. Carrying your baby is a natural way to transport it and if YOU feel comfortable with it and want to …