LIMAS Kopfstütze für Plus/Flex

¥4.000 ¥2.000

LIMAS headrest in “Noël” design. Fits all LIMAS Plus and LIMAS Flex baby carriers.

The headrest of the LIMAS Plus/Flex baby carrier can be unbuttoned, removed and replaced – so you can very easily change the design of your LIMAS Plus/Flex baby carrier. Sometimes colourful, sometimes plain – whatever you and your outfit require.

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LIMAS is a popular babywearing brand from Germany. In 2020 it even got a prize (grade 1.4) from the German Eco Test.

LIMAS is known for its simple and beautiful designs.

I am ordering directly from Germany and shipping can take up to 4 weeks.

If the item is sold out in Germany, you will have the option to change the order or we will refund the whole amount.

Zusätzliche Information


Can be washed at 30 degree Celcius


100% organic cotton




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