Behind the Prices

I like transparency and it is important to me to communicate why my prices are what they are.

So here is in detail what is included in my consultation fees:

  • All the Email conversations with you take time. I don’t want to send short and non-personal mails, I like to take my time to answer you in detail and explain everything at my best.
  • Before I am coming to your house, in case of an in-person consultation, I will collect all materials and try to fit them into one of my suitcases. The materials are the carriers and wraps of course, which I select carefully after hearing your wishes in the previous mails. In case you want to keep a carrier for further trying, I also put all the instruction manuals together.
    Of course, I have also flyers with general information which I will bring.
  • In case you want rent one of my carriers after the consultation, I will print a blank rental agreement.
    When we decided on a time frame for the consultation in advance, I will also bring a receipt, however, it might change if we take longer. In that case I will change the receipt after the consultation.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to remember a specific technique or look up a specific carrier. In this case I spend some extra time on research and training.
  • When I am coming to your home, it often takes me one hour or more.
    For both ways it’s two hours I can’t efficiently use.
  • After returning home I will sum up our consultation and will send an Email with additional information that came up. This can be pictures, a video explanation I am searching for you, or a detailed explanation in text form.
  • Then I have to wash and dry the carriers (consider water, detergent, and electricity costs), and store them away again.

Summed up, one consultation can take up almost a whole working day. Taking 3500 Yen as basic fee will result together with the km allowance in a daily wage of around 7000 Yen. From this, material costs will go down like my pamphlets, print paper, server costs, electricity, storage space, new carrier models of good brands for the consultations, and advanced trainings, etc.

The trainings and new carriers are necessary to keep pace with new scientific researches and new baby carrier technology. I want to be able to give you the best, always up to date, information.

You see, even if I had a consultation every day, I couldn’t make a living out this 😉

So, why am I not taking more?
Because I think that somewhere you need to draw a line. New parents have a lot to think about and a lot to pay for. Probably, since being in Japan, you even had to change apartments because your old one didn’t allow children?
So much money to spend!
Even though I can’t offer my full services for free, I want to be an option. Nothing that’s “too expensive".

This is also the reason why I am not only doing consultations but am also selling baby carriers and having the sling library.

I hope, with all this together, I will some day be able to make a living with this profession 😉