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Testing the Diva Milano Baby Carrier

Some weeks ago I had the chance to test the Diva Milano The One! baby carrier which was rented to me by Kounotori Babywearing. Introduction Diva Milano is an Italian/Russian brand using beautifully designed woven fabrics for their carriers.Their fullbuckle carrier is made for newborns and toddlers alike which is achieved through a stepless adjustable…

What makes the LIMAS baby carrier special?

Limas is a young family-run company founded in 2015. Now, in 2020 it already won several awards for their different baby carriers. LIMAS started with half buckle carriers (waist belt has a buckle while the shoulder straps are tied) but now has several more options in stock like woven wraps, ring slings, swaddles, drool pads,…

Why do I need a Babywearing Consultant?

Why should I wear my baby? Why do I need a baby wearing consultant?
To some people, using slings and carriers comes naturally, for others it is not this easy.
A babywearing consultant can help you when you feel pain, with finding the right carrier, and all the small and bigger problems.

抱っこ紐購入後、無料コンサル(抱っこ紐調節方法、フィットチェック)付き Free video fitting with every carrier purchase! Dismiss