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Originally I am from Germany but living in Tokyo for nine years. In 2019 I decided to become a certified babywearing consultant and made my license in 2020..



Do you need help with your babywearing? I am here for troubleshooting and advice!

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Ergobaby Omni Breeze Review

Ergobaby Omni Breeze Review

When the new Ergobaby Omni Breeze came out, I was really curious how it feels. Ergobaby promised that it is…

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Mesh – the merits and demerits of mesh baby carriers

Mesh – the merits and demerits of mesh baby carriers

Lately, every baby carrier brand tries to bring their own mesh baby carrier on the market because it is so…

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Testing the Sun & Beach baby carrier

Testing the Sun & Beach baby carrier

Baby carrier review: Sun&beach The sun&beach is a baby carrier locally produced in Japan. The fabrics are made here and…

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Limas Flex Ginkgo Emerald
Renting some carriers before buying really helped me! -E.H.
I currently have a 11 month old, 8.6 kg wiggly son and we are using the Ergo Performance when going out only. I do not baby wear in the house. I consulted Anika awhile back because I was experiencing some back pain and discomfort. I am sure I was wearing incorrectly. I am always in need mama advice, but who isn't. I am so happy to be here and listen to her expertise! I tried the Limas Flex and the Fidella Fusion..
I wish to have read it before I bought my carrier. - T.K.
The [Babywearing Introduction] course was very helpful and I wish to have read it before I bought my carrier. While there are many materials available in the internet, this course wraps up advantages & disadvantages of various carrier types in a compact way. What I liked most is, that Anika is available for questions/ additional information on the topic. She does not try to sell you any particular brand and is looking to get the best match of carrier for you and your baby.

抱っこ紐購入後、無料コンサル(抱っこ紐調節方法、フィットチェック)付き Free video fitting with every carrier purchase! Dismiss